Body-Solid equipment is a great fit for hotel and resort fitness facilities, offering hotel chains and independent owners great quality equipment with a great value. As today’s health and fitness awareness grows, it is important for hotels and resorts to offer travelers the ability to stick to their routines and get a great work out while away from home. Body-Solid knows that there are many deciding factors in selecting equipment for hotel and resort fitness facilities and many of these factors make Body-Solid equipment a hospitality industry standard.

Whether its space limitations, a tight budget, or just looking for great product, Body-Solid manufactures a wide selection of high quality equipment to satisfy even the highest requirements. From space saving single and multi-stack gyms to cardio, benches and iron, Body-Solid can complete every aspect of your hospitality fitness requirements. In today’s competitive hospitality market, guests have many choices on where to stay. Let Body-Solid help you and your guests make that choice easier by offering quality fitness equipment in your hotel or resort fitness room.

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